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Doing Good is Good Business!


The Xsabo Foundation is the corporate social responsibility arm of The Xsabo Group.


Under the motto “Doing Good is Good Business” and with the vision: “A Better Life for Current and Future Generations”, The Xsabo Foundation is a non-profit foundation that addresses social challenges in society that affect current and future generations. The Xsabo Foundation strives to improve the standard of living of current and future generations and lead them to self-independence. 

To this end, The Xsabo Foundation initiates and promotes projects geared towards eradicating poverty. It supports wealth and job creation initiatives, entrepreneurship and women empowerment with particular emphasis on Science, Health, Environment and Sustainability, Arts and Culture and Sports. In addition to this, the foundation helps with networking, special projects and building infrastructure. The foundation develops its own medium to long-term projects with independent partners. The foundation's projects are designed to empower young people in particular. Individuals and societies are made aware of the higher value of education and gainful employment as a means to economic and financial independence. Thus, all projects are impact-oriented and designed for sustainability.

In the connection of the above, The Xsabo Foundation is sponsor of youth income generation activities, including a coffee factory for the youth, an annual regional youth football, netball and cycling tournament and a mobile medical youth camp which has to-date provided treatment free-of-charge to over 30,000 disadvantaged and needy people in rural areas in Africa. In addition to this, The Xsabo Foundation is also empowering girls and women groups to produce self-made 100% bio-degradable sanitary pads out of banana and other vegetable fibres (“Fancy Pads”). In Uganda, this is already enabling hundreds and poised to enable thousands of girls to stop missing school during their menstrual period. Finally, The foundation has been sponsoring students at universities and other institutions of higher learning in Germany, Hungary and Uganda. 

The Xsabo Foundation focuses its activities mainly on developing countries, especially Africa and Africans living in the Diaspora, but also on the international community so as to promote Africa's integration into the world economy. 

The foundation is managed by an independent Board of Directors separate from that of The Xsabo Group and boasts its own Management Team. 



Governments in developing countries still need supplementary support in healthcare provision. Our Mobile Medical Camps in Uganda contribute to bridging this gap. The medical services are given free to the people but paid for by The Xsabo Foundation, the lead sponsor, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Uganda.



The coffee factory for the youth in Greater Masaka Region is an income generation initiative with the key goal of promoting youth entrepreneurship development and innovations. The ultimate aim is to bring all youth coffee farmers together under Buyasso Ventures Limited and build a successful national brand with high value addition and international sales.



The focus of the Fancy Pads Initiative is Menstrual Hygiene Management as a measure to keep the Girl Child in Uganda and eventually other African regions in school. The 'Fancy Pads' product and the self-help initiative with the corresponding imple-mentation concept constitute a 100% biodegradable sustainable answer for continuous availability of sanitary pads at low cost to all Ugandan girls and women.