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Steadily growing, the Xsabo brand stands for expertise in the following areas:

  • Business Networking

  • Commercial Diplomacy

  • Interim Management          

  • International Expansion /

       Market Entry Strategies      



We provide problem-solving insights to Companies, Governments and other Organizations at three levels:

1. Business Level (Consolidation by increasing efficiency and/or quality);

2. Corporate Level (Portfolio formation, including vision and strategy, and reconfiguration of the business portfolio if necessary); and

3. Network Level (Interaction strategy, in particular thinking and operating in beneficial networks, and, if necessary, reconfiguration of the value chain).

We refer to the above approach as “Business Network Structuring.” 


Depending on the Client, the approach may be through Business Networking, Commercial Diplomacy, Interim Management, International Expansion / Market Entry Strategies or any combination thereof.

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