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The logic of existing corporate and/or organizational portfolios often no longer addresses conditions in the market or target group optimally.


At the same time, vertical integration often turns out to be a disadvantage in an increasingly competitive environment. 


Many times, vast opportunities lie unknown in new markets or niche markets. 


Companies and organizations which know which part of the value chain they should master and manage themselves and which ones they should leave to others to do for them, no matter whether locally or internationally, will belong to the winners of globalization.


Using modern marketing and sales tools, our Top-Management Consultants help Clients to identify their strengths and benefit from them accordingly while addressing their weaknesses. 


In this context, “modern marketing and sales” refers to the ability to harness the full capabilities of the business or organization to provide the best experience for the customer or target group and thereby drive growth.


Our recommendations are arrived at after subjecting the respective business portfolio to a stress test and developing the most promising business architecture if only to leverage competitive advantage and ensure sustainable growth, be it locally, nationally or internationally.



Commercial Diplomacy, Business Networking, Consulting
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