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To support businesses and organizations in situations such as crisis management, change management, mergers and acquisitions, The Xsabo Group provides temporary management resources and skills for the short-term. 


Executives, who typically operate at senior level in the Client Organization, can be in place within days. 


They provide a fresh perspective, contribute honestly while concentrating on what is best for the business or organization and are accountable for results. 


As Interim Managers, our Executives first make a diagnosis of the status quo and then chart a corresponding problem-solving approach with concrete recommendations of what is most likely to bring the desired results. 


The Xsabo Group’s Consultants take responsibility for the implementation of the proposed solution, including continuously monitoring progress and carrying out regular feedback sessions with the Client. 


The engagement of our Consultants as Interim Managers ends with a concrete plan of making resources available for the long-term goals of the business or organization upon their exit.


Commercial Diplomacy, Business Networking, Consulting
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